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Loop "Snowing Foxes" - so your fur babies don't have to freeze even on cold winter days!

Each loop is precisely made-to-measure for your dog/cat. Therefore just measure the circumference of your pet's neck and write this information to the "order notes"-box while addding the item to your shopping cart, or contact us for further questions.


Material composition: 100% cotton, label: 100% vegan leather substitute made from recycled paper and latex.


Note: Each Loop is a handmade unique item. The design in terms of colors and shapes can therefore differ from the pictures, depending on the cut of the fabric. Special requests regarding the design (as well as customized sizes) can be entered in the "Order Notes"-box while adding the item to the shopping cart. While we will strive to satisfy your requests (depending on the existing inventory of fabrics, applications, etc.) please note that there is no guarantee that all special requests will be met.

Fashion for pets should only be worn under supervision. As a basic rule: Please only dress your pet if this does not cause any discomfort to your fur babies!